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Offering a high R-Value per inch, Johns Manville Corbond® III closed-cell spray polyurethane foam provides air sealing and moisture control in a single install step.

Johns Manville Corbond® III closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation offers and R-Value of R-7 per inch and can be applied in a single pass to a maximum of 3.5 inches, providing superior thermal performance with seamless air sealing and moisture control in a single step. Multiple immediate passes, with no wait time, may also be applied. With high yield and excellent adhesion, it's an ideal choice for high-performing energy efficient commercial, residential and industrial applications.

Resi CC SPF 223 190x122


Complete Coverage: Expands and adheres without shrinking or settling.
Energy-Efficient: Reduces air and moisture infiltration to the building envelope and provides continuous coverage for high thermal performance.
Air Barrier: Prevents leaks when installed at 1” thickness or more. 
Moisture Performance: Resists mold growth; meets current vapor retarder codes.
Wide Application Temperature Range: Can be applied between 20°F and 120°F , delivering consistent performance with seasonal versatility.
Faster Installation: Spray easily in a single pass from a minimum of .5" to a maximum of 3.5”.  Multiple immediate passes, with no wait time, may also be applied. See Data Sheet for complete information.
Commercial Approvals: NFPA 285 assembly approvals. Appendix X approval for application in unoccupied attics and crawl spaces without a prescriptive ignition barrier or coating.

  SPF Acceptance Criteria   ASTM AC377   Pass
  Flame Spread    ASTM E84   ≤ 25
  Smoke Development   ASTM E84   ≤ 450
  Fungi Resistance    ASTM C1388   Pass
  Dimensional Stability    ASTM D2126   < 15% change in volume
  Nominal Density    ASTM D1622   2 pcf
  Closed-Cell Content   ASTM D6226   > 90%
  Compressive Strength (1”)    ASTM D1621   36 psi
  Water Absorption    ASTM D2842   0.9%
  Water Vapor Transmission    ASTM E96   0.61 perms @ 1.5"
  Air Permeance    ASTM E2178-03   0.00055 (L/s)/m at 75 Pa
  Sound Transmission    ASTM E90-90, ASTM E413-87   36 (STC)

Data Sheet

JM Corbond III Data Sheet


JM Corbond SDS - A
JM Corbond SDS - A (ES)
JM Corbond Closed-cell SDS - B
JM Corbond Closed-cell SDS - B (ES)


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STC Rating Documents

Acoustical Assemblies STC Rating Reference Guide

Installation Instructions

JM Corbond III SPF Installation Guide
SPF Processing Parameters
SPF Change-over Procedure
SPF Change-over Procedure (ES)
SPF Safety Warning Sign
SPF Health and Safety Sheet
Corbond Daily Work Log


JM Corbond Re-Occupancy Certificate
JM Corbond Insulation Certificate

Spray Foam Certification

SPF Certification Overview


Technical Bulletins

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Application Guides

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Evaluation Reports

Corbond III IAPMO Report
Environmental Product Declaration Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation (HFC) Report
Life Cycle Assessment of Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation Report


JM Corbond III Greenguard
JM Corbond III Greenguard Gold
JM Corbond III

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