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We offer customizable education programs that are certified by American Institute of Architects (AIA). Our Better Understanding of Roofing Systems Institute (BURSI) program has been training design professionals since 1972. We have a series of online opportunities available for you and your teams. Check out what is available below.

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Commercial Roof to Wall Connections (1 AIA/IIBEC CEU)

Model energy codes continue to set higher efficiency standards. As the industry recognizes the key role enclosures play in overall building performance, continuous insulation (CI) has come to the forefront as an effective method in addressing these increased performance requirements. A critical element of maintaining insulation that is "continuous" is the roof/wall transition.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify thermal bridging, identify the different types, and describe their impact on the thermal efficiency and condensation risk within exterior walls and roofs.
  2. Define CI and its role, understand the different types of CI materials and their various performance properties.
  3. Discuss the health, safety and welfare pertaining to CI systems, such as improved occupant comfort and interior air quality.
  4. Identify various CI applications for wall and roof assemblies, general performance of these assemblies, and the impact of CI applications on other building systems.
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20-Minute Webinar Series (Non-Accredited)

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