Polyester Nonwoven, Fiberglass Mat and Glass Sliver for Deep Cycle Batteries

In the numerous applications and different designs of energy storage devices the lead-acid battery plays an important role. Traditional areas of lead-acid battery usage cover stationary applications such as back up batteries/UPS and traction battery / motive power applications. In the light of renewable energy production, off-grid energy storage is becoming of increasing importance.

Battery Gauntlets
Thomas Miowsky

Thomas Miowsky
Portfolio Manager

"Johns Manville offers Evalith® fiberglass mat and Evalith® polyester nonwoven for use in PE separators or microporous thermoset separators and tubular bag gauntlets."

Separation Media

What is a polyester nonwoven, a fiberglass mat or a glass sliver?

Polyester nonwoven consists of randomly orientated filaments, thermally or chemically bonded. Fiberglass mat is made of fiberglass with defined diameter and length. The fibers are oriented in a random pattern and bonded with an acid resistant binder. Glass sliver is a continuous strand of loose untwisted C-glass fibers with a defined diameter and random length. The special requirements regarding acid resistance, electrical conductivity, mechanical durability, and processability can be met by using these battery-compatible materials.

Jörg Meier

Jörg Meier
Product Development Leader

"Did you know that since the development of polyester nonwoven for use in battery gauntlets (tubular bags), their share has steadily grown and has almost replaced the former woven solutions in many applications?"


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Safe Use Instructions
Scott Coons

Scott Coons
Chief Sustainability Officer

"Lead as the major component in deep cycle batteries allows for an exceptional recycling rate of close to 100%."

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