Polyester Nonwoven for Air Pollution Control Filtration

The need for clean air to protect the human health calls for an effective removal of emissions (airborne substances) from industrial processes before being released to the environment. High efficient filtration systems (dust collectors) guarantee the removal of particulate matter from diverse industries such as cement, wood, metal, and food. Industrial baghouse installations contain numerous filter elements. Recent systems operate with pleated filter cartridges made from high performance spunbond filter media. A periodic pulse-jet cleaning removes deposited particles from the filter media surface which is crucial for a reliable surface filtration process.

Air Pollution Control Filtration
Jörg Meier

Jörg Meier
Product Development Leader

"Johns Manville's Evalith® polyester nonwoven for air pollution control provides high mechanical durability, excellent filtration performance and good processability. An optional aluminized surface treatment can be applied for providing antistatic properties. Beside the usage as stand-alone filter material, JM Evalith® polyester nonwoven is perfectly suited as a carrier for applying additional functional coatings like highly efficient membranes. "

Polyester Nonwoven Products

What is a Polyester Nonwoven?

Polyester spunbond nonwoven consists of randomly orientated filaments, thermally bonded.
Polyester bicomponent nonwoven is made of filaments with a higher melting core polyester and a lower melting sheath polyester.

Rui Ferreira

Rui Ferreira
R&D Director

"Did you know that Johns Manville's Evalith® polyester nonwoven is produced by using our own unique proprietary spinning technology?"


ISO Certificates
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Scott Coons

Scott Coons
Chief Sustainability Officer

"The superior cleanability of Johns Manville's Evalith® polyester filter media results in a beneficial residual pressure drop behavior. This allows for reducing energy input via a lower compressed air consumption and an extended filter lifetime."

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