Our Johns Manville Accessories are designed to assist you in your fabrication and installation endeavours.

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Duct knives engineered to smoothly cut fiberglass insulation

Duct Insulation Knives are designed to smoothly cut fiberglass insulation. The sharp blade cleanly slices through the fiberglass and facing without snagging the material. The wooden handle is easy to hold and curved to fit the hand. This is the preferred duct knife by experts throughout the industry, as well as JM’s leading team of plant and field professionals.

Duct knives are shipped in master cartons. Each master carton consists of 10 boxes of 10 knives each. The minimum order quantity is one master carton (100 knives total).

When using or handling JM’s Duct Insulation Knives, be sure to use the appropriate PPE and keep your hands clear of the blade. Duct Insulation Knives should be used for their intended purposes only.

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A derivative of our proprietary Permacote coating designed to be air drying and may be brush or spray applied.

Our Johns Manville SuperSeal® product is just one more way we demonstrate to you that, in every detail, materials matter. SuperSeal is a derivative of our proprietary Permacote coating used in the factory application of airstream surface and edge coating for JM HVAC products. The products are designed to be air drying and may be brush or spray applied. SuperSeal provides superior product protection against microbial growth. Applications include factory and field repair or the coating of factory-cut surfaces.

They are available for the following products:
• Linacoustic® RC
• Permacote® Linacoustic® HP
• LinaTex®
• Permacote® Linacoustic® R-300
• Spiracoustic Plus®
• SuperDuct® RC

Our accessories products provide installing contractors with the confidence that technical requirements will be met and system integrity will be maintained.

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