Polyester Nonwoven for Carpet Tiles

Polyester nonwovens are used as lightweight reinforcements in flooring membranes to increase their thermal and dimensional stability. When temperature or humidity fluctuates, the nonwoven prevents the other components of the flooring from contracting, expanding or shifting.

It can also be used as a scrim to tuft carpet fabrics and it provides superior stitchlock to increase pattern definition.

Polyester Nonwoven for Carpet Tiles

TJ Stock

TJ Stock
Portfolio Manager

"Using our Evalith® polyester nonwoven materials as backing component provides high tear strength to carpet tiles and helps to prevent edge curling and shrinkage, so the carpet always looks smooth."

Polyester Nonwoven Products

What is a Polyester Nonwoven?

A polyester spunbond nonwoven is a fabric composed of endless polyester fibers oriented in a random pattern and bonded together by thermal, mechanical and/or chemical means resulting in highly differentiated product characteristics. Being highly versatile, polyester spunbond nonwoven has conquered many applications such as synthetic and bitumen waterproofing membranes, carpet tiles, filtration, and lead acid battery. The material can be tailored to fit the properties the end applications require such as air-permeability, dimensional stability, puncture resistance, pleatability, and stiffness by adjusting for instance the utilized polyester type, the fiber diameter, the binder system, and the mat density. Polyester spunbond nonwoven is sold in rolls of various widths and lengths.

Rui Ferreira

Souvik Nandi
R&D Director

"Did you know that Johns Manville started producing polyester nonwoven material 40 years ago and still does today at its U.S. site in Spartanburg, SC as well as in Berlin and Bobingen, Germany?"


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Scott Coons

Scott Coons
Chief Sustainability Officer

"Our Evalith® polyester nonwoven carpet backings enable noise reduction and they extend the lifetime of carpets by making them more resistant and durable, especially in high-traffic areas."

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