Insulation Minute Presented by Insulation Intel®

Get the insulation information and answers you need—in about a minute! Johns Manville’s insulation experts share their knowledge about a broad range of insulation topics and answer common industry questions. 

What is the GoBoard® Shower Pan System?
Building Insulation
The GoBoard® Shower Pan System is a one-size-fits-most system that’s fully waterproof and easy to cut.

What Does NFPA 285 Approval Mean?
Building Insulation
Learn how Johns Manville passed testing for additional NFPA 285 wall assemblies. 

JM Offsite Construction
Building Insulation
Johns Manville has a large portfolio of insulation products that can help off-site construction companies save time and increase productivity.

How Does Industrial Insulation Provide Acoustic Benefits?
Industrial Insulation
Industrial insulation from Johns Manville delivers great thermal benefits AND also provides robust acoustic benefits. 

Why Did JM Launch Microlite® R-12 FSK Duct Wrap?
HVAC Insulation
JM launches Microlite R-12 FSK Duct Wrap in response to increased energy efficiency requirements. 

What is Polyfilm Moisture Barrier (PFMB)?
Industrial Insulation
A Polyfilm Moisture Barrier (PFMB) is an effective and low-cost way to reduce the risk of corrosion in metal jacketing.

Is ASTM E84 the Same as an Hourly Fire Rating?
Mechanical Insulation
ASTM E84 and the hourly fire rating aren’t the same. ASTM E84 testing assesses surface burning characteristics of building materials.

Why Does 6" High-Temperature Pipe Insulation Often Not Measure Exactly 6"?
Industrial Insulation
Jack Bittner, Senior Product Manager for Industrial Insulation at JM, explains why 6-inch high-temperature pipe insulation actually needs to be a bit bigger than 6 inches.

Why Did Johns Manville Develop a Low VOC PVC Adhesive?
Mechanical Insulation
Nicole Miller, Mechanical Product Manager from Johns Manville, discusses the new low VOC Zeston®  Perma-Weld®  PVC Adhesive and why it was developed.

How Can TechConnect Help My Business?
Building Insulation
Wyatt Stephens, Sr. Field Technical Specialist at Johns Manville, explains how the TechConnect team can help your business.

What Are the Advantages of V-Grooved Mineral Wool?
Industrial Insulation
Jack Bittner, Senior Product Manager for Industrial Insulation at Johns Manville, highlights the benefits of MinWool-1200® Field-Formed pipe insulation.

How Recycling Benefits the Environment and Your Home
Building Insulation
You know that recycling materials, such as plastic and glass, helps reduce the amount of waste in landfills. Did you know that turning recycled glass into fiberglass insulation has multiple benefits for the environment too?

How Do Insulation and Acoustics Go Hand-in-Hand?
Building Insulation
You probably don’t think about it, but insulation is hard at work in your everyday life. And a big role that it plays is often overlooked – acoustics. 

What are the Benefits of Trymer®?
Industrial Insulation
Thinking about Trymer for a future project? In this new quick Insulation Minute video, we highlight the benefits of Trymer and why it’s often superior to other product choices

Why Does the NFPA 285 Approval of AP™ Foil for ACM Cladding Matter?
Building Insulation
AP Foil-faced Polyiso Foam Sheathing boards passed the NFPA 285 test to be used with ACM cladding. Learn how this expands the number of projects that can benefit from AP Foil and get the lowdown on what this approval means