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Johns Manville, a leading supplier of glass fiber reinforcements and nonwovens, has developed an innovative continuous process for the production of polyamide 6 (PA-6) thermoplastic composite sheets. The new proprietary technology is based on a surface-activated glass fabric that forms a perfect bond with polymerized PA-6 (AP nylon). The new composites are marketed under the Neomera® brand. 

Our expertise in glass fiber manufacturing and in-depth understanding of fiber-polymer interfaces in composites has led to the development of a breakthrough manufacturing technology for the production of fully impregnated PA-6 organosheets. The proprietary technology, covered by multiple US and foreign patents, is versatile in terms of reinforcing materials and can be used to impregnate glass, carbon, aramid, natural and hybrid reinforcements. Neomera® PA-6 organosheets are manufactured in a continuous process by impregnating fiber reinforcements with low viscosity caprolactam monomer followed by in situ anionic polymerization of caprolactam to form the thermoplastic polyamide matrix.

Neomera Organosheets

Chris Griffin
Director of Innovation

“Building on over fifty years of leadership in fiberglass development, Johns Manville is advancing new thermoplastic composites for structural and semi-structural applications, making them stronger and lighter than metal.”

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