Mechanical Insulation

Our commitment to quality mechanical insulation solutions begins with the details that matter to you. You can count on Johns Manville as a trusted solutions provider for all your pipe and equipment insulation needs. We offer the most complete product line combined with unmatched technical support. Our broad range of solutions, including board, blanket, and pipe insulation, as well as PVC coverings, spans almost every imaginable application.

Mechanical Insulation

Pipe Insulation

High-performance pipe insulation manufactured with a commitment to consistency.

PVC Products

High impact, UV-resistant PVC coverings designed to protect insulated piping.

Marine Insulation

Solutions with excellent thermal and acoustical performance for marine applications.

Board and Blanket Insulation

Excellent thermal and acoustical performance to meet a range of requirements.

Metal Jacketing and Fittings

Aluminum and stainless steel, jacketing, sheets and elbows to protect thermal insulation used in a variety of industrial applications, like refineries, power plants, chemical facilities, and paper mills.