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Working with today’s commercial roofs is more complex than ever and requires considerable technical and industry knowledge. At Johns Manville, we emphasize the roof as a complete system. Our highly skilled technicians and engineers provide essential support services throughout the project life cycle—from the early design stages to the completion of the bid package. Support services can include: conceptual product information, building science, wind uplift data, national and local code understanding, FM Global® and UL® regulations, fastening patterns and sheet layouts, installation guidelines and standard details.

By purchasing a Peak Advantage Guarantee, you get:

• Expert installation by approved JM contractors

• Advanced technical assistance

• Timely issuance of all guarantee documents

• Efficient processing of any claims or complaints

To ensure the quality of the roofing installation, JM's field technical staff around the country monitors roofing applications during installation and makes a final inspection on each guaranteed roofing system upon completion. These roofing experts ensure the roofing system meets all the qualifications for a JM Peak Advantage Guarantee.

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Understanding Your JM Peak Advantage Guarantee Overview

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JM Peak Advantage Guarantee Charges and Requirements – Single Ply

JM Peak Advantage® Guarantee Charges and Requirements - Bituminous Systems

Photovoltaic Overburden Additions on JM Guaranteed Roof System


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