Thermoplastic Composite Sheets - Neomera® OS-6 Series

Neomera® OS-6 organosheets are based on woven fabrics, offering great drapeability and mold reproducability characteristics. Our proprieraty sizing we use on our glass fiber for weaving is unique by offering covalent bonding to the thermoplastic matrix.

Polyamide-6 Composite Sheets - OS-6 Series

Dany de Kock

Dany de Kock
Market Development Manager

"In combination with our wet caprolactam monomer impregnation process we can produce sheets between 1mm up to 3mm in one step, without any consolidation. This results in a stiff material with very high impact, as well as additive-free fire resistance properties."

OS-6 Organosheets

What are OS-6 organosheets?

Neomera® OS-6 organosheets are semi finished products consisting of a woven fabric imprgnated with caprolactam creating a PA-6 matrix during the JM in-situ reaction process. The advantages of the thermoplastic matrix lie in the hot forming capability of the semi finished products and the resulting shorter process times compared toconventional thermoset fiber composites. This is of particular interest in the automotive industry with its short processing times. Frequently used fiber materials are glass, aramid and carbon. For woven fabrics, the fibers are in 0° and 90° to each other so that the mechanical properties of the organosheet such as stiffness, strength and thermal expansion can be better defined than their metallic counterparts. In contrast to metal sheets, the tensile and compressive behavior as well as other mechanical and thermal properties are not isotropic. Neomera® OS-6 organosheets are fully recyclable and due to the unique production method having a very low carbon footprint.

Mingfu Zhang

Mingfu Zhang
Senior Research Manager

"Did you know that glass fiber and thermoplastic resin are a perfect combination for impact resistance?  Johns Manville Neomera® organosheets are made with high peformance thermoplastic resin reinforced with long or continuous glass fibers; and have demonstrated superior impact resistance than metals and even carbon fiber composites."


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Scott Coons

Scott Coons
Chief Sustainability Officer

"Johns Manville Neomera® organosheets not only have  lower embodied energy, but also provide significant weight savings that allow higher fuel efficieny for vehicles."

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