At JM, we are passionate about our ability to succeed in making the company more sustainable. We know that by doing good, we will do well. That is why we’ve embraced sustainability, working to define what it means to JM and how it benefits our stakeholders. We realize that through these efforts to become more sustainable we will become more resilient, more innovative and better positioned to continue serving the changing needs of our customers. 

We’re proud of the fact that as an energy-minded company, our products contribute to creating environments that are energy efficient, comfortable, safe and healthy. We’re equally proud of the fact that we’ve created a company where people want to work, because we stay true to our values and conduct business in an ethical manner that makes a difference in our communities.

We’ve also worked hard to develop trusting relationships with our partners and suppliers who help us maintain a leadership position in sustainable building and specialty materials. Our sustainability journey compels us to evolve and improve in a balanced and responsible manner. 

We have committed to our journey with intention and a renewed pledge to build a better tomorrow. Executing our pledge starts with taking a holistic view of sustainability that is easily understood by every JM employee. Therefore, we have developed a universal framework aptly called Building a Better Tomorrow that promotes cohesive understanding of JM’s sustainability strategy across our company. It serves as a roadmap for where we want to go and what will drive us forward.

Within this framework, we will focus on three key drivers: reducing, expanding and innovating. Reducing our impact on the planet, expanding support of our global workforce and communities and innovating toward a lower carbon future. These drivers also helped us develop our new sustainability goals which we will strive to achieve.

Our new sustainability framework is inspired by what all of us at JM work to realize through the company’s sustainability efforts. It is what we’ve dedicated ourselves to every day for over 160 years – building a better tomorrow.