Commercial Roofing Education

We have the experience and knowledge over our 165-year history and have established one of the longest-standing educational programs in the industry. Our Roofing Institute offers a variety of opportunities from hands-on-training, classroom and lab presentations to online learning. Our traditional BURSI® courses branched off to create our contractor training at our Rockdale, IL, Training Center to offer hands-on training to our JM Approved Peak Advantage® Contractors. Check out our online educational resources below.

Online Learning

We have developed an educational repository and will continue to host live webinars regarding boths industry topics and updates from JM. You can choose from AIA accredited courses or non-accredited courses to help you stay sharp and hone your competitive edge, all at your own pace. 

Our Specifier Services Representatives host one-hour AIA certified webinars on a variety of topics regarding the history of commercial roofing systems and the different varieties to choose from. After the presentation, join the conversation for a live Q&A where you can bring your questions directly to our pros. 

Attend our quick 20-minute non-accredited webinar series that features industry topics as well as new updates from Johns Manville. We discuss advantages and best installation methods for the latest products from JM Roofing Systems.

Please contact your local sales rep if there is specific training you would like for you or your team. 

JM Peak Advantage® Contractor Training

Roofing Institute Hands-On Contractor Training at Rockdale

If you are a member of the JM Peak Advantage® Contractor Program, take part in hands-on training and learn all the latest and best installation practices. As low-slope roof technology, materials and performance demands evolve, it is crucial to understand new materials and technologies. JM has built an education and development initiative that utilizes our 160-plus years of experience in commercial roofing.

Classroom Training

Our BURSI® program, run by our Specifier Services Team offers customizable education programs that are certified by American Institute of Architects (AIA). We offer anything from one-hour “Lunch and Learns” to a 10-hour, multiple-day seminar. Our program is known as (BURSI) Better Understanding of Roofing Systems Institute. Please contact your local sales representative for more information on upcoming BURSI dates or visit our calendar to see the next educational seminar is in your area.

Above It All

Above It All is a podcast by Johns Manville dedicated to the roofing industry. The goal of this podcast is to bring knowledge from a Johns Manville perspective on trends, innovations, and people shaping the roofing industry. Join us as we dive head first into enriching conversations about the people and passion that are an integral part of the JM experience.