Johns Manville Engineered Products manufactures fiberglass in the United States and Europe. We offer engineered fiberglass as chopped strands and rovings to a variety of applications, to extend the capabilities of thermoplastics and thermosets, and to reinforce gypsum boards.

ThermoFlow® chopped strands exhibit exceptional strand integrity, clean feeding, and uniform fiber distribution.

StarRov® single-end roving is perfect for fabric processes as it provides a wide and uniform strand width which allows to produce a superior fabric without gaps. StarRov® single-end roving is also the perfect choice as an input for LFT or D-LFT processes, providing excellent mechanical properties, low VOC, perfect bundle opening, fast impregnation, perfect wet-out, high dry strength, and low fuzz.

For SMC processes, MulitStar® multi-end roving provides excellent fiberglass distribution, wetting, bonding, and SMC performance. For thermosets MultiStar® multi-end roving is optimized for chopping and excellent performance in long-fiber reinforced polyurethane panel production, offering excellent unwinding at high speed, great choppability, and low fuzz generation during processing.

Finally, our DuraCore® wet chopped strand is boosting the properties of plasterboard in key areas such as fire performance as well as water and impact resistance.

Tom Kendrick

Tom Kendrick
Commercial Director

"We engineer our fiberglass to meet and exceed the properties our customers want for their demanding processes and end-uses. Our researchers and developers are going the #JMextraMile on two continents to create the fiberglass solutions needed today - and tomorrow." 

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Chopped Fiberglass

Chopped Fiberglass

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Direct Roving

Single-end Roving (Direct Roving)

Long Fiber Thermoplastics
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Thermoset Composites

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