HVAC Insulation Innovation

Over the years, Johns Manville has been the market leader in HVAC insulation, providing duct liner, duct board and duct wrap and poly-iso board solutions with superior consistency and quality.

JM's innovative HVAC solutions are easy to fabricate for faster installation and provide a wide variety of options — something both installing contractors and building occupants can appreciate.

Our products promote consistent temperatures for less wasted energy and many of our products help dampen unwanted noise and improve the comfort of building occupants with improved air quality.  Because at JM, we're committed to the performance that matters to you.

Years of HVAC Innovation

Insulation Intel® Project Profiles

First Ever R-16 and R-19 Microlite® FSK Duct Wrap Case Study

As our world moves toward improving energy efficiency and reducing excess waste, we are seeing more stringent energy code requirements for our buildings. In the leading states, like California and Washington, we see increasingly stringent energy code requirements for buildings as these states move to optimized energy efficiency and net-zero energy structures. Learn how JM set out to create the first-ever R-16 and R-19 duct wraps, 5¾” Microlite® FSK (R-16) and 7” Microlite®FSK (R-19) to provide the R-values required by the Washington State Energy Code.

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Microlite® Black PSK Duct Wrap Project Profile

The construction of the Colorado State University Urgent Care in Fort Collins, Colorado called for an aesthetically appealing duct system on the 4th floor due to exposed ceilings. Since leaving the ducts uninsulated was not an option, the system designer needed a solution that would offer excellent thermal performance as well as elegant aesthetic appeal. See why Project Manager and Estimator, Mack Peterson of Miller Insulation, chose JM’s new Microlite® Black PSK Duct Wrap – a black-coated PSK duct wrap offering a solid black, matte finish with an installed R-value of 4.2, to solve this challenge.



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