Pursuant to your JM Peak Advantage® Guarantee, Building Owners must receive written authorization from Johns Manville prior to making any Building modifications/alterations which may impact the Roofing System. Accordingly, Building Owners please fill out the below form to apply for Johns Manville’s review/approval of your proposed alteration/modification. Upon receipt, you will be contacted by our Owner Services team to discuss next steps.

Please note: Johns Manville reserves the sole and absolute discretion to reject any proposed alteration/modification and/or to void the Guarantee. Additionally, by reviewing and/or approving any proposed alteration/modification, Johns Manville does not make any representations or warranties regarding either the fitness of such alteration/modification or any compliance with local codes, laws, design, etc. Unless expressly noted by Johns Manville, any proposed alteration/modification remains outside the scope of coverage under the Guarantee. Approval of the alteration/modification does not incorporate such proposed alteration/modification into the Guarantee.