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Offering incredible yield, air isolation, R-value and acoustical performance, Johns Manville Corbond® Open-cell Spray Foam seals all voids and gaps to virtually eliminate air leakage.

Johns Manville Corbond® Open-cell Spray Foam is a lower density, nonstructural insulation that offers an R-Value of R-3.8 per inch. It delivers high yield, minimizes sound transmission and virtually eliminates any air leakage. It's designed to improve energy efficiency for a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications and can act as an effective air barrier.



Energy-Efficient: Helps to improve energy efficiency by filling in gaps and cracks while creating an air seal.
Air Barrier: Air-impermeable at 3.75”.
Sound Transmission: Performs well acoustically when used in an assembly.
Installation: Provides high yield with superior sprayability at an exceptional value and low odor. Meets requirements for application without an ignition barrier attics and crawl spaces. 

  SPF Acceptance Criteria   ASTM AC377   Pass
  Flame Spread   ASTM E84   ≤ 25
  Smoke Development   ASTM E84   ≤ 450
  Fungi Resistance   ASTM E283   Pass
  Dimensional Stability   ASTM D2126   < 15% change in volume
  Nominal Density   ASTM D1622   0.5 pcf (normal)
  Open-Cell Content    ASTM D6226   > 92%
  Water Vapor Transmission   ASTM E96   26.5 perms @ 2"
  Air Permeance   ASTM E2178-03   < 0.02 (L/s)/m
  Sound Transmission   ASTM E90-90, ASTM E413-87   38 (STC)

Data Sheet

JM Corbond oc SPF Data Sheet (US)


JM Corbond SDS - A
JM Corbond SDS - A (ES)
JM Corbond ocSPF SDS - B
JM Corbond ocSPF SDS - B (ES)


Product Selector Guide
JM Spray Foam Overview Brochure
JM Spray Foam Trial and Technical Support Brochure
TechConnect Sell Sheet
JM Corbond oc ocx Sell Sheet
JM Spray Foam Parts and Equipment (Fusion AP)

Spray Foam Certification

SPF Certification Overview


Corbond Open-Cell

Installation Instructions

JM Corbond oc SPF Processing Parameters
JM Corbond oc SPF Processing Parameters (ES)
JM Corbond® SPF Change Over Procedure
JM Corbond SPF Change-over Procedure (ES)
JM Corbond oc SPF Installation Guide
SPF Safety Warning Sign
SPF Health and Safety Sheet
JM Corbond Re-Occupancy Certificate
JM oc SPF for Unvented Attics Insulation Certificate
Unvented Attic Hatch Guide
Corbond Daily Work Log

Evaluation Reports

Code Compliance Research Report CCRR-1079
Environmental Product Declaration Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation (HFC) Report
Life Cycle Assessment of Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation Report


JM Corbond OC SPF VOC Emission Test Certificate
JM Corbond Insulation Certificate

Case Study

inSPIRE Rock Climbing Center Case Study


Spray Foam Overview


SPF Changeover Procedure


AP Fusion SPF Gun Cleaning and Assembly


SPF E03 Hose Break Diagnosis


SPF E04 FTS or Thermocouple Diagnosis

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What is Spray Foam? (ACC)

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