JM Team with innovative cargo box at SPE ACCE 2023

Advancing Automotive Technologies: Johns Manville, Agesia and Aerlyte Win 2023 SPE ACCE Award

DENVER - Johns Manville, Agesia and Aerlyte proudly announce winning the 2023 People's Choice Award at the SPE ACCE Conference in Novi, MI, celebrating their innovation in the automotive industry. The collaboration revolutionizes automotive construction using Neomera® PA-6 organosheets integrated into a thermoplastic composite sandwich panel.

Johns Manville's proprietary technology, combining surface-activated glass fabric and polymerized PA-6 (AP nylon), forms impeccable Neomera® PA-6 organosheets. Agesia utilizes these sheets for sandwich panel floors, significantly reducing weight while enhancing load-bearing capacity. Aerlyte leverages this material to craft multi-piece hybrid cargo boxes for pickup trucks, delivering superior performance across key areas:

  1. Reduced Mass: Enhanced fuel efficiency and performance through advanced materials and design.
  2. Efficiency in Package Space and Cost: Optimized packaging efficiency, reducing costs and saving space in the supply chain.
  3. Increased Cargo Volume: Thoughtful design for larger cargo capacity, adding utility for drivers and businesses.
  4. Enhanced Load-Carrying Capacity: Providing the strength for heavier loads without compromising safety.
  5. Serviceability: Easy maintenance and repairability for prolonged automotive component lifespan.
  6. Exceptional Impact Resistance: Johns Manville Neomera® PA-6 organosheets ensure robust products that withstand impacts and environmental conditions.

The award-winning collaboration between Johns Manville, Agesia and Aerlyte highlights dedication to innovation and automotive excellence. The 2023 People's Choice Award at the SPE ACCE Conference underscores their commitment to advancing automotive technologies.

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