2020: Our Year in Review

For all the struggle and strife that came with 2020, we also saw some truly remarkable things happen this year: many businesses found new ways to reach customers, colleagues found new ways to collaborate, and people around the world supported medical workers and first responders for their invaluable contributions. 

In case you missed these announcements, here are some highlights at JM from 2020:


1. Water-RepellentIndustrial Mineral Wool Insulation: JM brought a complete line of water-repellent industrial mineral wool insulation to the industrial market in July. This was an important step toward supporting the evolution of the industrial insulation industry, as specifiers throughout the market continue to put more emphasis on water-repellent insulations to combat corrosion underinsulation (CUI). Each of JM’s MinWool-1200 water-repellent products are tested in accordance with either BS EN 13472 (pipe) or BS EN 1609 (board), a British Standard test method that measures weight gain by partial immersion in water.

2. VVSD Spiracoustic Plus® Product Launch: Despite facing travel restrictions and quarantined cities, our HVAC portfolio has seen a number of advancements and evolutions in 2020, one of which is the launch of VVSD (Very, Very Small Diameter) Spiracoustic Plus engineered specifically for ducts that are 6-8” in diameter. This product line extension will help save spiral duct fabricators hours in the shop as they no longer have to custom-fit Spiracoustic Plus to VVSD ducts.

3. UL263 Approval for AP Foil-Faced Foam Sheathing in 18 Wall Assemblies: The UL 263 rating for wall assemblies allows designers to capitalize on materials with excellent insulating properties, such as AP™ Foil, while still achieving an hourly fire-rated wall assembly that can inhibit or slow the spread of fire within or between buildings.


1. AlphaBinder Receives the 2020 Green Chemistry Challenge Award: We received the 2020 Green Chemistry Challenge Award for developing a novel, Formaldehyde-free™, bio-based binder for fiberglass reinforcement applications primarily used in the carpet industry. Green Chemistry Challenge Awards are given to companies or institutions that develop a new process or product that helps protect public health and the environment.

2. Organosheet Manufacturing Line: Organosheets are addressing lightweight, structural and functional integration needs that are key for today’s automotive market as it shifts to battery electric vehicles. In October, JM successfully launched a new, state-of-the art 1.5-meter wide Organosheet manufacturing line at the Johns Manville Technical Center. The new pre-manufacturing line allows the team to advance the portfolio of cost-effective and recyclable Organosheets.

3. Rising to the COVID-19 Challenge: When the pandemic hit in full force, it became abundantly apparent that the world needed more PPE, specifically face masks and medical gowns. JM’s Engineered Products business started producing nonwovens media for facemasks as well as medical gowns. Beyond that, our microfiber products are being used in an experimental COVID-19 quick test.


1. Very Severe Hail Rating for 60-mil TPO: JM’s 60-mil TPO was the first to receive a Very Severe Hail rating from FM. This system combines JM’s 60-mil TPO with DensDeck®StormX™ Prime Roof Board and several other components to create a robust roof system that is more likely to withstand extreme hail events.

2. ProtectoR HD Board Approved to Use as a Substrate Board: ProtectoR HD received UL Class-A approval to be used as a substrate board, applied directly over wood decks. This allows for improved efficiency and productivity during the installation process.

3. JM Adds PVC Water-Based Membrane Adhesive to One-Sided application portfolio: Manycontractors have raved about success using our single-sided, wet, lay-in TPOWater-based adhesive, so we decided to expand our offering. We launched the PVCWater-Based Membrane Adhesive to our one-sided application portfolio. Nowcontractors have an equally efficient material to use for PVC adhesionapplications.

Watch for more exciting developments at JM in 2021.