Johns Manville Launches Complete Portfolio of Water-Repellent Mineral Wool Products

DENVER – Monday, July 20, 2020 – Johns Manville (JM), a leading global manufacturer of energy-efficient building and industrial insulation products and a Berkshire Hathaway company, announced today the launch of a complete portfolio of water-repellent, mineral wool industrial insulation materials, adding v-groove pipe, industrial board, blankets and fittings.

JM broadened its portfolio of MinWool-1200® water-repellent products in response to growing demand for water-repellent materials in the industrial insulation market. Water repellent MinWool-1200 insulation will now be available in the following products:

  • MinWool-1200® Pipe
  • MinWool-1200® Mitered Fittings
  • MinWool-1200® Industrial Board
  • MinWool-1200® Flexible Batt
  • MinWool-1200® Pipe and Tank Wrap
  • MinWool-1200® Lamella Tank Wrap
  • MinWool-1200® Metal Mesh Blanket
  • MinWool-1200® Field-Formed Pipe
  • MinWool-1200® Precision Cut Pipe
  • MinWool-1200® Preformed Pipe

“Increasing the number of products in our water-repellent mineral wool portfolio is an important step toward supporting the evolution of the industrial insulation industry,” said Jeff Semkowski, Industrial Portfolio Manager for Johns Manville. “We are seeing an increased emphasis on water-repellent insulations as a method of defense against corrosion under insulation (CUI), and our water-repellent MinWool-1200® portfolio can support this shift. An additional line of defense against potential water ingress on an industrial system is a benefit for the engineers, contractors, and owners who design, build, and operate it.”

The launch of a complete MinWool-1200 water-repellent portfolio follows the 2019 release of water-repellent MinWool-1200® Pipe insulation. Each of JM’s MinWool-1200 water-repellent products are tested in accordance with either BS EN 13472 (pipe) or BS EN 1609 (board), a British Standard test method that measures weight gain by partial immersion in water.

Jack Bittner, Senior Industrial Product Manager for Johns Manville, explained that MinWool-1200 insulation materials will continue to offer the same, reliable performance JM customers have come to expect from the product.

“MinWool-1200 insulation remains unchanged in its performance characteristics. It can still be used in applications with operating temperatures up to 1200°F, and it is still lightweight; the only difference is that our MinWool-1200 insulations now also inhibit water intrusion,” Bittner said. “Beyond the benefits of traditional mineral wool insulation, our water-repellent, v-grooved insulation ships flat, saving on shipping costs and jobsite storage.”

JM will begin producing the new line of water-repellent MinWool-1200 products on July 20 in Phenix City, Alabama and in Houston, Texas (fabricated pipe, lamella wrap and fittings).

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