HVAC System Design: 6 Strategies for Modern Office Spaces

Corporate office space is undergoing a rapid transformation. Traditionally, these spaces included a ring of private offices around the perimeter of the space, with cubical farms occupying the center. Today, companies are moving to more of an open office plan, which requires different considerations for HVAC system design.

Most of those perimeter offices are disappearing, as companies want space that takes advantage of natural light. And the cubicles are being replaced with workspaces designed for specific types of activity, such as pods for quiet concentration and team lounges for collaboration. How does all this change impact HVAC system design? Read on for some important strategies.

HVAC system design strategies for better comfort in an open office space

In general, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of thinking about HVAC system design early in the planning stages of the renovation or build project. The following are essential strategies that must be taken into consideration early, or you’ll end up needing to make expensive changes down the road.

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