Micro-Lok HP Pipe Insulation

Pre-formed fiberglass pipe insulation with an ASJ jacket. In-line manufacturing process (service temp: 850°F)

Johns Manville Micro-Lok® HP fiberglass pipe insulation is manufactured using the latest technology and our unique in-line manufacturing process. This process results in a uniform fiberglass core that delivers consistent performance during fabrication and installation. In addition, our proprietary auto-jacketer ensures consistency during production and installation resulting in a tighter jacket with a cleaner finished appearance. Micro-Lok HP delivers thermal performance you can count on, while meeting all industry performance requirements. This assures the building owner, mechanical engineer and contractor that Micro-Lok HP will deliver the performance you’ve come to expect from JM products throughout the life of the mechanical system.

Service Temp (Nominal): 850° F
Thermal Conductivity (k): 75° F (24° C); 0.23
Recycle Content:
 32% (post consumer)
Greenguard: Gold

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