XSPECT ISOfoam APF Board and Cross-Flo Jacketing

A durable and dependable rooftop duct insulation system that will last for years – that’s what you’ll get by using XSPECT® ISOfoam APF board and Cross-Flo® Jacketing together. By pairing these products, you get the winning combination of a high R-value plus protection from Mother Nature.

Product Solutions

XSPECT ISOfoam APF Board is a closed cell polyisocyanurate foam core bonded to a foil facer on both sides. It is highly versatile insulation that can be used in a variety of applications and is perfect for rooftop ducts. XSPECT offers one of the highest R-values of any rigid insulation. The foil facer operates as an excellent vapor retarder, working in tandem with the closed cell foam to contribute to a tightly sealed system. It is lightweight, making it easy to fabricate and install. XSPECT is available in flat and tapered (sloped) sizes. 
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Cross-Flo Jacketing is a metal jacketing system designed to help mitigate corrosion under insulation (CUI). The embossed pattern is engineered to promote cross-directional flow toward the low point of a system, and in conjunction with weepholes provides a path for liquid to exit an insulation system. Cross-Flo has excellent drainage performance compared to other jacketing patterns. It helps prolong the lifespan of a system and there are no additional products, tools or installation steps necessary compared to other metal jacketing.
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Insulation Minute

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Mechanical Portfolio Product Manager, Nicole Miller, takes us through all the options JM has to offer when insulating for rooftop duct applications


By using XSPECT and Cross-Flo together, you create an extremely durable system that will last for years. XSPECT provides excellent moisture barrier insulation for rooftop ducts. Using tapered XSPECT at the top of the insulation system helps to prevent ponding water and assist in precipitation drainage away from a rooftop duct.

When combined with Cross-Flo Jacketing using a weephole on the underside of the duct, any potential moisture has an easy exit from the system. This reduces the need for repairs over the lifetime of the entire system.

Durability Test

In this test, we assess the strength of XSPECT ISOfoam APF board and Cross-Flo Metal Jacketing.
The JM team drops a hammer from 4ft. to evaluate the durability of these products.