Micro-Lok HP Ultra Pipe Insulation

Pre-formed fiberglass pipe insulation with a polycoated jacket. In-line manufacturing process (service temp: 850°F)

Micro-Lok®​​​​​​​ HP Ultra is a specialized, premium performance fiberglass pipe insulation. As part of the Micro-Lok HP product line, Ultra has the most consistent fiberglass core available in the market. We have coupled this with a factory-applied, polypropylene-coated, ASJ vapor retarder jacket with 100 Psi puncture-resistance. This design allows the product to be used in an environment of intermittent or temporary exposure to transient moisture or conditions that are similar to those in an open construction site. The SSL closure system has been designed to adhere securely to the polypropylene-coated jacket. It can be applied at ambient temperatures starting at 20°F and above, and will remain intact even in high temperatures and humidity. This assures the building owner, mechanical engineer and contractor that Micro-Lok HP Ultra will deliver the performance you’ve come to expect from JM products throughout the life of the mechanical system.

Service Temp (Nominal): 850°F
Thermal Conductivity 75°F (24°C): 0.23
Recycled Content: 32% (post-consumer)
Greenguard: Gold

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