Incombustible Hullboard

Semi-rigid, fiberglass insulation for naval and merchant vessels as well as drilling rig platforms (service temp: 450°F)

Johns Manville is an industry leader in the manufacture of marine insulations for a variety of applications. JM’s Incombustible Hullboard provides superior thermal and acoustical performance on naval and merchant vessels and drilling rig platforms. Our resilient, semi-rigid insulating incombustible hullboard has a smooth surface designed specifically for facing adhesion resulting in a clean finished appearance. As an added benefit, our marine insulation products provide additional cabin noise control, temperature control and fire resistance. Our incombustible hullboard is US Coast Guard approved and complies with US Navy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission product standards.

Density (pcf): 2.9
Service Temp (Nominal): 450° F
Thermal Conductivity (k): 0.23
Recycle Content: 26%

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