Polyisocyanurate foam board designed to insulate rooftop ducts and HVAC equipment

The XSPECT® ISOfoam APF board is a closed-cell polyisocyanurate foam core bonded to a foil facer on both sides. It is a highly versatile insulation that can be used in a variety of mechanical and OEM applications, including rooftop ducts, appliances, HVAC equipment, refrigerated transportation, storage vessels, and railcars.

XSPECT ISOfoam APF board offers one of the highest R-values of any rigid insulation available, making it ideal for both hot and cold applications. The foil facer on the insulation operates as an excellent vapor-retarder, working in tandem with the closed cell foam to contribute to a tightly sealed system. Additionally, the lightweight foam makes it easy to fabricate and install.

R-Value: R-2.7 - R-26
Thickness: 1" - 4"
Sizes: 48"x96"
Facings: Silver/Opaque

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