GoBoard Membrane

GoBoard Membrane

Product Descriptive Name
Shower and Steam Room Waterproofing Membrane 
Product Short Description
GoBoard Membrane is a flexible and light-weight waterproofing and crack isolation membrane for interior and exterior tile and stone applications.

Technical Data Sheets

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GoBoard Membrane

Product Long Description
GoBoard Membrane is a flexible and light-weight waterproofing and crack isolation membrane for interior and exterior tile and stone applications. Constructed from a 100 micron polyethylene waterproofing membrane laminated to polypropylene non-woven fabric on both sides, GoBoard Membrane provides excellent waterproofing substrate for unmodified and modified thin-set mortars used to bond ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles.


GoBoard Membrane


GoBoard Membrane can be used in residential and commercial areas including bathrooms, tubs, showers, laundry rooms, kitchens, backsplashes, balconies, patios, wet areas, and is compatible with all GoBoard products.

For use in interior and exteriors, and residential and commercial applications

Exceeds ANSI A118.10 requirements for waterproofing membranes

Rated for residential and commercial steam rooms per ASTM E96, Method E

ASTM C627 "Extra Heavy" rating

Made in the USA


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GoBoard Membrane Installed


GoBoard Membrane is compatible with all GoBoard products and versatile enough on it's own to ensure leaks and damages do not occur in your wet areas or steam room tile projects. 


  1. Cut GoBoard Corner with scissors or a utility knife along dotted lines and discard shaded area to create an inside or outside corner.
  2. Uniformly Apply Thin-set Mortar with a 3/16” x 5/32” v-notch trowel beyond extents of GoBoard Corner on all sides. See Approved Materials for substrates.
  3. Place Into Position - Loosely place GoBoard Corner (inside corner shown) in position and use putty knife to force edges into corners.
  4. Embed Into Thin-set Mortar with another putty knife working from corners to edges while holding GoBoard Corner in position with another putty knife.
  5. Ensure Full Coverage - Squeeze out excess thin-set mortar and ensure full coverage with no voids or air pockets. Less mortar underneath GoBoard Corner is preferred.1
  6. Outside Corner - Follow Steps 2 through 5 to install GoBoard Corner  and remaining corners. Overlap corners by at least 2 inches as needed.
  7. Install Additional Corners As Needed - Follow Steps 2 through 6 installing GoBoard Corner as needed. GoBoard Corner can also be trimmed keeping in mind at least 2 inches of overlap is required for proper waterproofing. GoBoard Corner can be installed over GoBoard Membrane, GoBoard and other substrates listed in the Approved Materials Section.
  8. Install GoBoard Curb Cover - Follow Steps 2 through 5 to install GoBoard Curb Cover over GoBoard Curb and trim as needed ensuring at least 2 inches of overlap with corners.

Follow these steps for dry pack shower pans as well.


  1. Cut GoBoard Banding to length using scissors or utility knife ensuring at least 2 inches of overlap with GoBoard Corner or other accessories.
  2. Pre-Fold - For corners, pre-fold at least 3 inches near ends or full length to help guide placement for inside and outside corners. This will help ensure proper width of GoBoard Banding on each side of joint, eliminate gaps at corners and prevent wrinkles.
  3. Apply Thin-set Mortar - Comb thin-set beyond extents of banding using a 3/16-in. x 5/32-in. v-notch trowel. Include at least a 2-in. overlap with accessories and membrane.
  4. Install GoBoard Banding - Position banding over thin-set ensuring proper placement, especially for inside corners. Using putty knives, embed banding into thin-set to fully adhere.
  5. GoBoard Banding - a.) Continue installing banding on all joints, changes of plane and shower pan joints as needed. For banding joints, overlap at least 2 inches. b.) For dry pack pans using GoBoard Point Drain System, install GoBoard Corner, Curb Cover then Banding around perimeter.
  6.  Cut Goboard Membrane - Cut membrane to fit areas requiring waterproofing ensuring at least 2 inches of overlap with corners, curb covers, banding and adjacent membrane.
  7.  Apply Thin-set Mortar - Uniformly apply thin-set mortar with a 3/16-in x 5/32-in v-notch trowel accounting for 2-in overlap with banding, corner, curb cover and membrane.
  8.  Install GoBoard Membrane - Using a large putty knife with dull edges, concrete finishing trowel or similar, embed membrane into mortar starting from middle working outwards.
  9.  GoBoard Membrane Joints - GoBoard Membrane can overlap itself, GoBoard Banding, GoBoard or GoBoard Pro2 by a minimum of 2-in to create waterproof joints.

For dry pack shower pan, refer to Step 5b and once the dry pack mortar has cured install GoBoard Membrane following Steps 6 and 9. 


Corners and Curb Covers

Use GoBoard Pro Sealant or GoBoad Sealant in place of thin-set mortar.

  1. Liberally fill joints with sealant within extents of GoBoard Corner.
  2. Apply 1/4” beads of sealant in a ribbon pattern spaced 1 to 2” apart within extents of GoBoard Corner.
  3. Spread sealant with a putty knife slightly beyond extents of GoBoard Corner while ensuring joints are filled with sealant.
  4. Position GoBoard Corner and embed into sealant.
  5. Squeeze out excess sealant with a clean putty knife ensuring full coverage.
  6. Repeat procedure for additional corners and curb cover as needed within area being flood tested.

Banding and Membrane

It is recommended to install corners and curb covers, prior to banding and sheet membrane.

  1. Fill joints with GoBoard Sealant or GoBoard Pro Sealant.
  2. Apply 1/4-in beads spaced 1 to 2-in apart within extents of banding.
  3. Spread sealant with a putty knife.
  4. Embed banding into sealant.
  5. Ensure full coverage and squeeze out excess sealant. 

This procedure can also be used for dry pack shower pans when dry prior to installing topical waterproofing.

1 Squeezing out excess mortar helps reduce buildout and enhance waterproofness of joint.

2 Hybrid system includes GoBoard or GoBoard Pro combined with other substrate types that require waterproofing with GoBoard Membrane. For example, the joint between GoBoard or GoBoard Pro and drywall can be waterproofed by simply extending GoBoard Membrane onto GoBoard by at least 2 inches.

3 Remove excess thin-set mortar in areas being sealed with GoBoard Sealant or GoBoard Pro Sealant. Extend beyond joints by at least 2-in with a film application of at least 1/32-in that completely covers GoBoard Membrane and accessories. All areas being exposed to flood test need to be properly sealed as described. If not flood testing same day, follow thin-set mortar manufacturers instructions regarding when flood test can be performed.



The GoBoard product line includes Polyiso foam board panels, a versatile shower pan kit, and essential tile backer accessories that when installed as a system, can qualify for a manufacturer limited warranty. Need help with one of our products? Contact us with your warranty questions, or download the warranty certificate in the documents above.