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Using either plain or a foil faced vapour retarder, Johns Manville MinWool Curtainwall insulation provides superior fire resistance and thermal properties to glass, metal and masonry curtainwall spandrel systems.

Johns Manville MinWool Curtainwall insulation is available in a wide range of thicknesses and is available plain or with a foil facing vapour retarder. Providing superior fire resistance and acoustical properties, MinWool Curtainwall is designed for use in glass, metal and masonry curtainwall spandrel systems and can be placed between or over framing members.

Available in 2 densities, Curtainwall 40 (4.0 pcf) and Curtainwall 80 (8.0 pcf). 

Johns Manville


Fire-Resistant: Melting point in excess of 1093˚C (2000˚F).
Durable Inorganic Glass: No growth of fungi. No sustaining of vermin.
Burning Characteristics: Flame Spread of 0 and Smoke Developed of 0.
Quick Installation: Easily cut with a standard insulation knife for quick installation and easy sizing.
Densities: Curtainwall 40 (4.0 pcf) and Curtainwall 80 (8.0 pcf). 


  Thermal Resistance   ASTM C518   RSI/R-value RSI 0.7 (R-4) to RSI 0.74 (R-4.2) per inch
  Flame Spread   CAN/ULC-S102   0
  Smoke Development   CAN/ULC-S102   0
  Water Vapour Sorption   ASTM C1104   < 1% by weight; < 0.2% by volume at 120ºF (49ºC), 95% RH
  Odour Emission   ASTM C1304   Pass
  Corrosivemess   ASTM C665   Pass
  Fungi Resistance   ASTM C1338   Pass
  Combustion Characteristics   CAN/ULC S114   Pass
     ASTM C612 /ASTM C665   Type 1–4
  Smoulder Resistance   CAN/ULC S129   Pass

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