Cross-Flo: A Premium Metal Jacketing for All Industrial Applications

By now you’ve heard how well JM’s Cross-Flo® Jacketing helps fight against corrosion under insulation (CUI). But Cross-Flo has many other great benefits in addition to CUI defense, making it an excellent option for numerous metal jacketing applications.

From installation ease to durability of the product, Cross-Flo has a variety of features that you’ll find useful on your next project – keep reading to understand its full value.

Installation ease
Cross-Flo Jacketing cuts, curls and handles just like any other metal jacketing. You won’t spend extra time cutting it to size or fitting it to a project just because of its different texture and look.

In fact, you’ll probably even discover that installation is quicker with Cross-Flo than other metal jacketing types. The diamond-like pattern nests into itself when installing sheets side by side, making it easier to line up. Plus, the pattern reduces the number of measurements needed for a straight cut, since the diamond design is uniform and can be used to draw a straight line without extra tools.

Installation is also faster with Cross-Flo because of the reduction of friction against the insulation. The pattern creates less surface area to rub against the underlying substrate, making it much easier to maneuver during installation for perfectly lined-up joints, terminations, etc.

We’ve seen the proof – we conducted a time trial to test the speed of installation. Johns Manville invited an external, professional installer to install both .016 Cross-Flo metal jacketing and .016 smooth aluminum metal jacketing on a pipe rack fitted with 2” Thermo-1200 calcium silicate insulation. Ultimately, Cross-Flo was installed much faster than the smooth jacketing. That time savings, multiplied by the scope of insulating an entire refinery, for example, could save significant labor time and costs.

Looking good
There’s no doubt about it – Cross-Flo has a unique appearance. Its diamond-like pattern looks completely different than smooth, stucco-embossed or corrugated jacketing. It’s aesthetically pleasing and can be used to identify new/replaced/upgraded insulation due to its distinct characteristics, even from a distance. 

The jacketing’s pattern also disguises scratches and dents remarkably well, so any imperfections are less visible. Whether there is minor abuse that accidentally happens over time on a typical jobsite or scratches that might unfortunately happen during installation, Cross-Flo makes this damage and potential aesthetic concerns less noticeable. 

Flexural strength
It’s not just a pretty face: Cross-Flo also exhibits increased flexural strength compared to standard metal jacketing. In fact, Cross-Flo exhibits an approximate 30% improvement in flexural strength against .016 smooth and stucco embossed jacketing. This increased rigidity, while not negatively affecting handleability or installation, and helps ensure the protection of the insulation beneath Cross-Flo, whether that be due to foul weather, accidental damage or abuse incurred by everyday activities on a worksite. 

Whatever you’re looking for – whether it’s aesthetics, speed of installation, flexural strength, easy handling or even protection from corrosion under insulation, make Cross-Flo your go-to choice as a premium industrial metal jacketing.