New InsulThin HT Installation Guide Available!

We’ve released the InsulThin™ HT Installation Guide!

Thin blanket insulations, like InsulThin™ HT, are one of the more recent (relatively) innovations in the industrial insulation industry. Their low-profile makes them ideal for applications where space is constrained, while their flexibility makes them highly adaptable to the unique shapes or configurations that may be encountered in an industrial piping structure. Additionally, some thin blankets, InsulThin HT included, are hydrophobic and will shed water on applications that operate at temperatures below 600°F. In exposed applications, this feature can be a contributing factor in reducing the risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI).

That said, installing thin blankets can be a more complicated process than installing a pre-formed insulation, like calcium silicate or mineral wool. Installing a pre-formed material typically requires applying both halves of the insulation to the pipe and securing the pieces in place with banding wire. By comparison, products like InsulThin HT require more preparation and consideration. For example, if a straight pipe run requires two layers of InsulThin HT per the specifications, installers may choose one of two installation methods:

1)    Wrap two, independent pieces of material around the pipe, one on top of the other

2)    Wrap the insulation around the pipe twice in a single, continuous piece

Decisions like this are commonplace with thin, blanket materials because of their flexibility. However, when the application requires the insulation to be applied over a unique configuration, like a vessel nozzle, or space simply won’t allow for a thicker material, a thin blanket insulation may be the only available option. This is why the InsulThin HT Installation Guide can be crucial to successfully specifying and installing InsulThin HT.

The InsulThin HT Installation Guide covers everything from installation techniques, to stretch-out tables, to thickness tables. It was created to be beneficial to both installers and specifiers by offering a framework that will help to maximize the insulation’s performance and optimize the installation methods.

To view and download the InsulThin HT Installation Guide, please click here.

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