Standard Specification for Calcium Silicate Block and Pipe Insulation

To maintain safety and reliability, any installation of of calcium insulation should conform to the specification standard set by ASTM. In this case, the current active standard is ASTM C533 – 13, which covers calcium silicate block and pipe thermal insulation for use on surfaces with temperatures between 80 and 1700°F (27 to 927°C), unless otherwise agreed upon between the manufacturer and the purchaser.

The abstract for ASTM C533 – 13 specifies that the thermal insulation shall consist principally of hydrous calcium silicate — usually with the incorporation of fibrous reinforcement — and that the insulation must conform to the physical requirements of the application. It also mandates the performance of certain test methods including: block insulation; pipe insulation; apparent thermal conductivity; linear shrinkage after heat soaking; flexural strength; compressive strength; mass loss by tumbling; hot surface performance; surface burning characteristics; stress corrosion performance; and moisture content by dry weight.