Insulation Resources on LinkedIn

There are thousands of insulation industry professionals registered on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with 300 million members. In addition to connecting with contacts you’d like to know, the network also offers the opportunity to exchange technical knowledge, discuss real-world problems and solutions and generally share expertise on a multitude of insulation topics.

There are 294 LinkedIn insulation groups, including Insulation Network (9366 members and 57 discussions), Corrosion (13,963 members and 53 discussions), and Energy Efficiency ( 9953 and 110 discussions). The range of group interests is vast and the group focus can by quite narrow. There’s a group for people interested in pipe and tank insulation, and even one with 30 members called “Thermal Insulation South Africa.”

Most of the groups are open to anyone who wants to join. The first rule of membership is, “Be helpful.”