Need Insulation for Tight Spaces? Now There’s IIG’s InsulThin™ HT

It’s generally accepted that the best overall high-temperature insulation solution for industrial environments is IIG’s Thermo-12® Gold calcium silicate with XOX, especially when measured against standard criteria like thermal performance, resistance to corrosion under insulation (CUI), mechanical abuse, and installed cost.

But what about situations that call for insulating pipe or equipment in a tightly-confined space, or where ease-of-installation in close quarters is paramount? Until now, your choices were limited, but with today’s product announcement, IIG has a new answer: InsulThin™ HT, a hydrophobic, microporous, fumed silica blanket insulation with an extremely low k factor.

InsulThin HT can easily wrap both large and small diameter pipes, while maintaining an exceptional insulation value, superior corrosion performance and a high standard for easy installation. What’s more, InsulThin HT can be cut in the shop or on the jobsite into any shape required for insulating pipe, fittings, and equipment.

Like all thin, blanketed, industrial insulation, InsulThin HT does come with a higher installed cost. However its benefits — flexibility, ease of use, and moisture-resistance — add significant value when used in specialized applications.

The product will be marketed through select distribution, and will be available for mixed shipments from the IIG plants in Fruita, CO and Ruston, LA August 1, 2014.

Click here for a specifications sheet for IIG’s new InsulThin HT .