IIG Develops InsulThin™ HT

Industrial Insulation Group (IIG), the leading manufacturer of insulation for industrial, commercial and fireproofing applications and a wholly owned subsidiary of Johns Manville (JM), announced today that they will be releasing InsulThin™ HT, a new product in its industrial insulation materials portfolio.

InsulThin HT is a flexible, hydrophobic, microporous, fumed silica, blanket insulation. This thin, high-temperature insulation material has an extremely low k-factor, reducing the space required for effectively insulating pipe and equipment. InsulThin HT can easily wrap both large and small diameter piping without sacrificing its exceptional insulating properties, superior corrosion performance, and high standard for ease-of-installation.

“InsulThin HT is a unique offering to the market segment that desires superior thermal performance and resistance to corrosion under insulation (CUI) in areas that have limited space,” said Fred Stephan, senior vice president and general manager of JM’s Insulation Systems business. He explained that Johns Manville first developed this technology in 1990. Since then, the market needs have evolved, creating an excellent opportunity for IIG to bring InsulThin HT to the industrial market. Stephan observed that IIG’s existing products continue to be the trusted solutions for the industry, with Thermo-12® Gold calcium silicate insulation providing the added benefit of resistance to mechanical abuse with equal or improved resistance to CUI, a unique characteristic resulting from the XOX additives in the product’s formulation.

“In launching InsulThin HT,” Stephan added, “our strategy is to continue to expand our portfolio of industrial insulation products to provide solutions for the wide array of industry requirements. We are also building a team of trusted consultants to help customers choose the best solution to meet the unique demands of each project and application.”

InsulThin HT will be offered in 36in. and 60in. wide rolls and in thicknesses of 5mm. and 10mm. It will be marketed through select distribution and available for mixed shipments from the IIG Mesa, CO and Ruston, LA plants beginning on August 1, 2014.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Contact your IIG Regional Sales Representative, or visit our website www.iig-llc.com.

About Industrial Insulation Group (IIG)

Industrial Insulation Group (IIG) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Johns Manville (JM), a Berkshire Hathaway company and global building products manufacturer. IIG’s product line complements JM’s portfolio of insulation products, allowing JM to offer an even broader continuum of solutions that meet the insulation requirements for any project. IIG was formed in 2002 and manufactures a wide range of insulation products for use in industrial, commercial and fireproofing applications. The company offers a unique “good, better, best” portfolio of high-temperature insulation, ranging from mineral wool to perlite to calcium silicate. Each product is designed to meet the most-demanding applications. IIG employs approximately 400 people at five manufacturing operations in Brunswick, Georgia; Fruita, Colorado; Ruston, Louisiana; Phenix City, Alabama; and Houston, Texas.

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