Top Ten Most Popular IIG Blog Articles for 2014

As the year winds down, we thought it might be interesting — and instructive — to examine what articles the readers of “Industrial Insulation News and Trends” liked most of all. Out of more than 80 posted topics we published during the past 12 months, which ones were the most popular as measured by page views?

From the titles of the Top Ten, it looks like the hot topic for the year was Corrosion Under Insulation, that ongoing issue that anyone and everyone in industrial facilities has to worry about…and plan around. Other popular topics? IIG’s launch of its new product for tight spaces, InsulThin™HT; the facts about calcium silicate, and, not surprisingly, the compelling question of energy efficiency — who’s mastered it and who hasn’t.

The titles and links are all here for your perusal. Happy holidays.

1. The Changing Landscape for Industrial Insulation: Traditional Products, New Products and Emerging Hybrids

2. Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

3. Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Part II – Selection of Insulation Material

4. Need Insulation for Tight Spaces? Now There’s IIG’s InsulThin™ HT

5.  How Calcium Silicate Is Made

6.Which Are the Most Energy Efficient Countries in the World?

7. The Importance of Compressive Strength for Industrial Insulation

8. Calling All Contractors: Can Industrial Strength Have Superpowers?

9. A Brief History of Calcium Silicate Insulation

10.Active Corrosion Inhibition with XOX Treated Insulations