Microlite PSK Duct Wrap

Formaldehyde-free™ fiberglass, blanket-type duct wrap with a white PSK facing. (Service temp: 250°F)

Microlite® White PSK Formaldehyde-free™ duct wrap offers superior thermal performance and condensation control in a lightweight, blanket-type insulation with a white PSK facing. It is recommended for HVAC system exteriors or surfaces where design parameters prohibit the use of liner or board. Installing contractors prefer Microlite's binder for many reasons, including improved handling, easier cutting and less dust. Our manufacturing process ensures consistency during production, which results in reliable product quality. Matching White PSK seaming tape is available, click on the accessories tab to learn more.

Permeance: 0.02
R-value: 4.2
Recycle Content: 24%
Greenguard: Gold


The Microlite® PSK Duct Wrap Seaming Tape is designed to provide a vapor barrier seal on JM’s PSK-faced Microlite duct insulations. The tape is offered in white or black to match the two color offerings (white and black) of our PSK-faced Microlite duct insulations. Microlite seaming tape is tear-resistant and offers a super high-tack, acrylic adhesive that bonds tightly to surfaces. The tape can be used on applications that operate within a wide temperature range: -20°F – 260°F/-29°C -126°C.


Duct Insulation Knives are designed to smoothly cut fiberglass insulation. The sharp blade cleanly slices through the fiberglass and facing without snagging the material. The wooden handle is easy to hold and curved to fit the hand. This is the preferred duct knife by experts throughout the industry, as well as JM’s leading team of plant and field professionals.

Duct knives are shipped in master cartons. Each master carton consists of 10 boxes of 10 knives each. The minimum order quantity is one master carton (100 knives total).

When using or handling JM’s Duct Insulation Knives, be sure to use the appropriate PPE and keep your hands clear of the blade. Duct Insulation Knives should be used for their intended purposes only.

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