Premium, flexible, fiberglass duct liner with a non-toxic, water-reactivated adhesive layer for easier, cleaner, and quicker duct liner installation on sheet metal (Service temp: 250°F)

LinacouSTIC® RC-IG insulation is a premium, flexible, fiberglass duct liner madefrom strong glass fibers bonded with a thermosetting resin. The airstream surface is protected with JM’s exclusive Reinforced Coating System, which combines ourstate of the art Permacote® acrylic coating with a flexible glass mat reinforcementto provide a smooth air stream surface. On the opposite side of the airstreamsurface, LinacouSTIC RC-IG contains InsulGrip® a non-toxic, water-reactivated adhesive layer. 

NRC: 0.85 (R6)
R Value: 6.3 ( 1.5")
ASTM C1071 Type I: Complies
Greenguard: Certified

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