SuperDuct RC

Mat-faced, fiberglass duct board with antimicrobial coating (Service temp: 250°F)

Johns Manville SuperDuct® RC duct board is used to fabricate ducts for commercial and residential construction when superior performance is required for more demanding applications. Its airstream surface features a black glass mat coated with our proprietary Permacote® acrylic coating that is durable, provides improved water repellency, enhanced cleanability and added product protection against microbial growth. SuperDuct RC provides superior acoustical performance, a higher velocity rating and is easy to fabricate for faster installation. SuperDuct RC contributes to a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment and promotes consistent temperatures for less wasted energy. 

NRC: 0.9 (R6.5)
R-value: 6.5 (1.5")
Recycle Content: 11%
Greenguard: Certified
Shipped with E3 Pallet™ Technology

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