Select the Right Insulation Product for Your Home

Insulating your home doesn't have to be daunting. The guides  below break down how to insulate each area of your home and what materials are best so that you can make the right choices for your home.

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Home Insulation Product Categories

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JM Formaldehyde-free™ fiberglass insulation provides thermal, sound and energy savings solutions for every room and space in your home.

Foam Boards / Continuous Insulation

JM foam board continuous insulation products are an efficient way to dramatically increase the overall thermal efficiency of your home. These boards are lightweight, noncorrosive, easy to cut and an excellent continuous insulation option.

Mineral Wool

JM mineral wool insulation delays the spread of fire between interior rooms and provides superior fire resistance in exterior walls, basements and heated crawl spaces.

Spray Foam

JM open- and closed-cell spray foam insulation solutions provide superior thermal and energy performance, as well as advanced air, moisture and sound control in any climate for a more comfortable, energy-efficient home.

Home Insulation Projects

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Attic insulation is important to keep heat from escaping through the roof.


Crawlspaces can expose your living space to temperature changes unless properly insulated.


Insulating your basement can help address a major source of heat loss in your home.


Bathrooms should be insulated for maximum comfort and moisture control.


Insulation can help control sound for a better night's sleep.


Garages can let outside air into the spaces of your home; walls that connect with the house should be insulated.

Hallways & Entryways

While continuous time may not be spent in these areas, chilly hallways and entryways can leak unwanted air into other parts of the home, especially as doors open and close.

Home Office

The right insulation can help prevent sound from moving between the business area and family space in your home.

Home Theater

Enjoy your home theater more by controlling the amount of sound that travels in and out.


Kitchens require insulation that minimizes noise and resists moisture.

Laundry Room

The right insulation can buffer the noise of your laundry room while addressing moisture control.


Help your baby get restful sleep by reducing noise from other parts of the house.