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For effective management of heat flow and unwanted noise, Johns Manville Unfaced batts and rolls provide heat control from the exterior while effectively controlling noise in interior walls.

Johns Manville Formaldehyde-free™ Unfaced thermal and acoustical insulation offers R-Values of up to R-49, and is offered in precut batts to fit standard wall cavities or rolls for custom installation in any size cavity. Unfaced insulation reduces sound transmission through walls, ceilings and floors, and can be used in a variety of wood frame, engineered wood and steel frame construction applications, including new construction and retrofit. 

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Thermally Efficient: Effective resistance to heat transfer, with R-values up to R-49.
Formaldehyde-free: Will not off-gas formaldehyde in the indoor environment.
Sound Control: Reduces sound transmission through exterior and interior walls, floor and ceiling assemblies.
Fire-Resistant: Flame Spread of 25 or less and Smoke Developed of 50 or less.
Resilient Inorganic Glass: No rotting, mildew or deterioration. Also noncorrosive to pipes, wiring and metal studs.
Superior Performance: Stable bonded glass fibers will not slump within the wall cavity, settle or break down during normal applications.

  ASTM Standards   ASTM C665   Type I
  Flame Spread   ASTM E84   ≤ 25
  Smoke Development   ASTM E84   ≤ 50
  Water Vapor Sorption   ASTM C1104   5% or less by weight
  Odor Emission   ASTM C1304   Pass
  Corrosiveness   ASTM 665   Pass
  Fungi Resistance   ASTM C1388   Pass
  Combustion Characteristics   ASTM E136   Pass

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