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Made for projects like wrapping small pipes, filling small cracks around windows and doors and sealing gaps around outlet boxes, Johns Manville Micro-Pak® is ideal for applications that require a minimal amount of insulation.

Johns Manville Micro-Pak® Formaldehyde-free™ fibreglass insulation offers RSI 1.4 (R-8) and is designed for projects that require a small amount of insulation, such as filling gaps around windows and doors or wrapping pipes.

Micro-Pak 190x122


Formaldehyde-free: Will not off-gas formaldehyde in the indoor environment.
Thermally Efficient: Provides effective resistance to heat transfer with an R-value of R-8 (RSI-1.4).
Sound Control: Reduces transmission of sound through exterior and interior walls and floor or ceiling assemblies.
Fire Resistant and Noncombustible: Flame Spread of 25 or less and Smkoke Developed of 50 or less.
Non-corrosive: Does not accelerate corrosion of pipes, wiring or metal studs.
Durable: Will not rot, mildew or otherwise deteriorate.
Resilient: Bonded glass fibres will not pull apart during normal applications and resist settling, breakdown and sagging from vibration.
Flexible: Forms readily around corners and curved surfaces. Forms readily around corners and curved surfaces.

  Standard for Mineral Fibre Thermal Insulation for Buildings   CAN/ULC-S702-09   Pass
  Flame Spread   CAN/ULC-S102   ≤ 25   
  Smoke Developed   CAN/ULC-S102   ≤ 50
  Smoulder Resistance   ULC-S129   Pass
  Noncombustible   CAN4-S114-M80   Pass

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Micro-Pak Data Sheet
Micro-Pak Data Sheet (FR)


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Micro-Pak SDS (FR)


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