Design Details at Your Fingertips

Did you know that properly installed flashings can be the most important part of the roof? Improper installation of flashings can make the roof vulnerable to leaks. They can also be one of the hardest parts to fix. Here are some resources to help with  detail installations for your next project. 

JM flashing details are available online here for your convenience. They are organized by membrane system and are identified by EPDM, PVC, TPO, APP, BUR, SBS, L (Liquid Applied), and CO (Coatings). Our details are provided in both CAD and PDF formats (and in some cases BIM). Once on the landing page, click on the FLASHING DETAILS tab.  

Each detail includes a diagram and detailed notes as well as the maximum guarantee term that it can achieve. Our details are designed in house so you can be sure to use the correct JM product in your details. The details are also consistent with NRCA details. 

NEW! We now have details available for our JM EPDM systems that are eligible for 30-year guarantees. Longevity of our products is important to us and we are happy to provide these details to our customers.  

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We also offer details (cut sheets) for our Specialty Roofing Products. You can find them in each of the product fragments on under the technical tab for each product. 

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Cold Storage Design 

View our new resources for cold storage design online. Here you can find our brochure on cold storage design as well as request  details and access other resources. Get started on your cold storage design here

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Benefit and Necessity of Roof Design and Maintenance: Designing for Low Maintenance  

Properly draining roofing systems, redundant flashing details, and minimizing penetrations are all design items that can help extend the life expectance of a roof. In addition to the design, maintenance should be conducted to prolong the life of your roof, similar to how changing the oil in your vehicle prolongs the life of the engine. As each building site is unique, there are environmental and geographic conditions that deserve individual consideration.  

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