Roofing system design for cold storage warehouses are unique and require your design professional take additional considerations beyond standard construction.  Having the correct design will help maintain a temperature-controlled environment with a focus on moisture management.  As such, your design professional should consider how roofing products tie seamlessly into other building envelop elements to achieve the best energy efficiency. Are you looking for the right roof system for your cold storage warehouse?  We have resources for your design professional to consider when creating a cold storage warehouse.  

JM has a history that dates back over 160 years, and in that time, we have covered millions of roofing square feet for cold storage buildings. Start exploring some of the resources below.


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GCCA Cold Facts Article

Cold Storage Flashing Details* PDF DWG
TCS-DV-01 Throughwall Scupper PDF DWG
TCS-EJ-01 Expand-O-Flash Curb-to-Curb Style TPO EJ/WC PDF DWG
TCS-FE-01 Gravel Stop with TPO Cover Tape PDF DWG
TCS-FE-02 Metal Drip Edge with TPO Cover Tape PDF DWG
TCS-FE-03 Gutter Metal Edge with TPO Cover Tape PDF DWG
TCS-FP-01 Field Fabricated Flashing Pipe Penetration PDF DWG
TCS-FP-02 Cold Storage Pre-Molded TPO Pipe Boot PDF DWG
TCS-FP-03 Field Fabricated Flashing Insulated Pipe Penetration PDF DWG
TCS-FW-01 Roof Wall Adhered Base Flashing with Horizontal RTS PDF DWG
TCS-FW-02 Roof Wall Adhered Base Flashing PDF DWG
TCS-FW-03 Intermediate Wall Termination with Horizontal RTS PDF DWG
TCS-FW-04 Intermediate Wall Termination Adhered Base Flashing PDF DWG
TCS-FW-05 Base Flashing with Horizontal RTS PDF DWG
TCS-TI-01 Cold to Warm Roof Tie-In Transition PDF DWG

*These cold storage flashing details are provided as a courtesy. This complimentary assistance is not to be used or relied upon by anyone as a substitute for professional engineering design and documentation required by building code, contract or applicable law. By accepting these comments, you agree they do not constitute any representations of, endorsements of or an assumption by Johns Manville of any responsibility/liability for the adequacy of the design of any building/roofing system, code compliance, material or any other material not supplied by Johns Manville.


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