Product Stewardship

Johns Manville’s commitment to product stewardship ensures we are focused on meeting customer needs by providing products that perform as expected, optimize the beneficial impacts in the building’s operation and minimize long-term health and environmental effects. This commitment includes providing customers with information and data regarding the safe use and disposal of products supplied to them. In addition, JM continually reviews and communicates to employees, customers and other appropriate parties the potential hazards of our products. JM will never knowingly make or sell any product that cannot be manufactured and used safely when appropriate work practices and installation procedures are followed.  

Our health and safety evaluations are routinely followed with recommendations for risk reduction, including work practices and engineering controls. For example, under the umbrella of the JM Roofing Institute™ and the Better Understanding of Roofing Systems Institute (BURSI®), architects, consultants, roofing contractors and building owners have been educated on the latest roofing-system materials, technologies and design. In over 35 years of operation, more than 60,000 roofing professionals have been educated using the BURSI curriculum.