Sustainable Operations

At Johns Manville, environmental respect is a fundamental business priority. We’re committed to operating our businesses in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations, and we’re dedicated to protecting natural resources, people and the environment for the benefit of future generations. Not only do we focus on reducing the environmental impacts of our operations, we work hard to deliver products that reduce energy consumption, enhance the comfort and safety of home and building occupants and generally make the world a better place.

Many of our sustainability goals are focused on reducing our environmental footprint while making a positive contribution to society. A great example is in our fiber glass manufacturing process. We incorporate an average of 25 percent recycled content across North America. That content (as certified by Scientific Certification Systems) includes an average of 20 percent post-consumer, with the balance consisting of post-industrial recycled glass. All that adds up to tens of thousands of tons of recycled content in JM fiber glass insulation each year. 

Overall, we are committed to: reducing the energy and carbon intensity of our operations; finding ways to continually reduce waste streams; and using recycled and renewable materials. We’re confident that by conducting business in ways that facilitate environmental respect, we can meet the needs of future generations while maintaining an innovative, profitable business.