Sustainability Policy

Johns Manville is committed to achieving and maintaining sustainable operations that continue to meet the needs of our current generation of stakeholders without sacrificing the needs of future generations. We will fulfill this commitment by driving sustainability principles within our business culture and decision-making processes, and by measuring our success more broadly than just the essential financial bottom line; instead, we will judge our overall success by a triple bottom line that will include social and environmental performance along with traditional financial considerations.

Over the course of 160 years, JM has built a tradition of financial, environmental, and community stewardship. This tradition, in addition to growing internal and external expectations regarding corporate responsibility, is at the heart of our efforts to provide solutions that enhance the quality of life of our stakeholders. We strive for continuous improvement and operational excellence in our business, manufacturing processes, people, and technology for the benefit of our global communities. Our business planning effort integrates sustainability principles to help ensure the company's long-term financial strength.

We will fulfill our commitment to environmental respect by operating all aspects of our business with consideration and respect for the global environment. By offering innovative and superior products and solutions with sustainable advantages, we provide customer satisfaction now and in the future, with a goal to drive sales, profitability and value for both our customers and the company.

Working safely is integral to employee commitment and a safe working environment is an uncompromising expectation of both our employees and the company. We encourage safe and sustainable practices not only in our facilities, but in our homes and communities as well.

Sustainability requires a commitment to ethical business practices and an unyielding sense of integrity. Through clear and candid communications, we will ensure internal and external stakeholders are informed of the company's progress and achievement of ongoing sustainability goals.