JM Becomes Smartway Shipper

SmartWay is the Environmental Protection Agencies partnership program that unifies government, business and consumers’ transportation programs to protect our environment, reduce fuel consumption, and improve our air quality for future generations.

As a SmartWay certified shipper since 2008, our commitment is to monitor our current environmental performance level as established by the program and committing to ship at least 50 percent of our goods using SmartWay Transport Carriers. SmartWay certified carriers are committed to fuel efficiency and following practices which limit emissions.  The SmartWay program provides both the shipper and the carrier with the tools to track their progress towards achieving the goals along the way. Currently Johns Manville is shipping over 70 percent of our freight with certified SmartWay carriers!

By being a SmartWay certified shipper, Johns Manville further commits to sustainable business practices that help our environment and improve our efficiencies.

For more information about SmartWay see their website.