Roof Deck Facer

Our glass fiber nonwovens facers are especially suited for mechanically fastened roof deck boards and offer exceptional mat adhesion. This feature minimizes delamination so there are fewer paths where moisture can enter.

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Glass wet laid nonwovens produced in the Americas for roof deck facer. Recommended products: Evalith® 75, Evalith® 76, Evalith® 89 series

Evalith® 75 and 76 series mats are relatively thin, nonwoven, fiber glass mats, composed of fiber glass filaments oriented in a random pattern, bonded together with a modified urea formaldehyde resinous binder.

Evalith® 89 series mat are unique, dense, nonwoven glass fiber mats.  The glass fibers are arranged in a random pattern and bonded together with an acrylic resin binder.  The density and composition of the bonded glass fibers produce a mat to resist penetration and provide a smooth surface.

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