We offer glass fiber nonwovens facers to provide superior weather resistance for exterior gypsum sheathing. Mineral-coated, microfiber alloyed and uncoated products feature tailor-made air permeability for controlled slurry penetration.

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Glass wet laid nonwovens produced in the Americas for gypsum. Recommended products: Evalith® 89 series

Evalith® 89 series mats are unique, dense, nonwoven glass fiber mats. The glass fibers are oriented in a random pattern and bonded together with an acrylic resin binder. The density and composition of the bonded glass fibers form a product with smooth surface qualities, moisture and penetration resistance.

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Glass wet laid nonwovens produced in Europe for gypsum. Recommended products: Evalith® M

Evalith® M350/1 is a glass nonwoven with defined fiber diameter and fiber length. The fibers are longitudinally laid down randomly oriented and binder bonded. This product is finished with a mineral coating providing good sealing against gypsum slurry. Low calorific values are typical for this product series.

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