Automotive Headliners

Our glass fiber nonwovens for automotive headliners have the distinction of good thermal ductility, as well as good bonding property to polyethelene. They are used in a foam / nonwoven / decorative-layer composite structure that combines functionality and design.

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Glass nonwovens wet laid produced in Europe for automotive headliners.

Evalith® SAC 50/2 is a nonwoven web composed of glass fibers oriented in a random pattern and bonded together.  The nonwoven has the distinction of a good thermal ductility as well as a good bonding to polyethylene. 

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Synthetic spunbond nonwovens produced in Europe for automotive headliners.

Evalith® spunbond types for automotive headliners are thermally-bonded continuous filament polyester nonwovens with a point-embossed surface.  

Evalith® 068/30 is well suited as carrier material or top layer.

Evalith® 067/35 is suited as a lamination mat for many applications.

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